Christmas Cookies & Gingerbread Fun

In this post: Crafts, food, and fun with cookies and gingerbread!

Hello, Dear Ones! We are nearing the end of our Christmas posts. Baking is a big part of the holidays. Whether it’s decorating cookies or making a gingerbread house, baking brings families together. Here is how my family made baking magic! Enjoy!

Gingerbread Fun

Christmas Cookies

  • Salt dough cookie play- We used our salt dough¬†ornaments for cookie play. I have several Christmas tins for play.



  • Leeland decorated cardboard cookies.


  • Michael and I baked cookies while Leeland played. I read “The Gift of the Christmas Cookie” to the kids.



Michael decorating…


Learn more about this inspirational Christmas story and others here:

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Gingerbread Fun

  • We put together gingerbread houses as a family. Leeland liked eating all the candies!


I read Mortimer’s Christmas Manger. You can learn about this book at the link above too.



  • The boys made a Gingerbread playhouse from cardboard.



  • Leeland learned ABC’s with these Gingerbread¬†matching cards. You can find them here.

We stuck to the first six letters.



  • Remember the felt gingerbread playset I made? We still have fun with it.


Life with Baby 2015: Gingerbread Play Set & 8 month pictures

  • Candy Land on the Chalkboard door! I made a life-size¬†Gingerbread man by tracing Leeland. The candies are paper plates and plastic wrap. We got the foam gingerbread crafts from Hobby Lobby.


Have fun and please let me know if you use these ideas. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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