A Medieval Christmas in Narnia

In this Post: Medieval activities and a Christmas Feast in Narnia.

Hello, Dear Ones! We are learning about the Middle Ages for 7th Grade. We did several projects during December and Michael read all of the Narnia books (again). Before our Narnia celebrations, here are the projects we did…enjoy!

Medieval Narnia

  • Candle Making


This was a complete fail…so we just poured the wax into a bottle. The Coke candle below doesn’t work once the wick goes into the glass. So eventually I plan on melting the wax and putting it into another container.



Michael did such a beautiful job!


Edit: I forgot this lovely artwork…so here it is.


  • Mosaic Christmas Star with clay and broken glass.


  • Jester Toy at Ollie’s. It cycles across the rope. We had such fun with it!


  • Wooden Sword and Pop Tab Chain Mail- I am not finished with the chain mail but when I do finish I will share the picture or link. I used a wooden paint stick and a popsicle stick for the sword. Chris sharpened the point and Michael helped paint it.


Here is a video for the chain mail…this is a loooong project. It will take me probably another month.

  • Kingly Quest- This activity went along with our study of King David. We went on a Kingly Quest. I found this stationary online and I used a Medieval font to type the mini-quests.


We began by reading Saint George and the Dragon. Then I gave Michael his Quest.


  • Quest 1: Slay the Dragon and get the gold- Our Burger King playground looks like a castle. I hid the dragon with dessert. The boys had fun with their wooden swords.


  • Quest 2. Healing Herbs for the wound inflicted by the dragon. We had to pick up herbs from the natural store anyways. I decided to make it a quest and let Michael do the work. Hey, it can be a medieval apothecary if you use your imagination! 🙂


  • Quest 3. Look Danger in the Eye– This is not a real Rattle Snake. We had to go to the pet store…so we took time to look at the animals and there are real venomous snakes in the cages. We didn’t get close to the real ones!


  • Soda Can Suit of Arms- This was super hard but Michael and I worked together (burning our fingers) and we got it done. My husband cut the cans in half but we shaped and glued them.


  • Medieval Apothecary Cabinet- A stocked cabinet on Ebay will cost you over a hundred dollars. I bought this cabinet at Goodwill for $14. I made the baby food jars into herb containers by painting them with chalkboard paint. I already owned the herbs and essential oils. So I can’t say how much they are because I buy them along and along. Still, I believe my complete cabinet is way cheaper. I’m very happy with it.


  • Medieval Instrument- Michael redid this harp-like instrument to make it look medieval.



  • Embossed Foil Knight- We used tin foil and spray paint. I found a knight picture for Michael to trace over the foil.


  • Knight Drawing- Michael used Draw Thru History: The Middle Ages to do this.


  • Mini Medieval Village- We were inspired by Pinterest to make the Pringles can tower. We used stone spray paint. Michael also used foam blocks to make the castle wall. The paper village houses are from here.



  • St. Augustine Illuminated Quote- Medieval decorative writing meets modern mixed media.



Now….to Narnia!

Narnia Party & Decor

  • First, I turned the schoolhouse into Narnia for play time. I used lots of white tablecloths, fake snow, and lights. We found the stuffed lion (Aslan) at Target. The lamp post is from Walmart. We used our fake Christmas tree for more decoration. I covered the old Pack N Play with a white comforter. It has a hole in the side so Leeland could lift the blanket and go inside. We called it “Beaver’s house“.






  • A Narnian Christmas Feast– I’ve been collecting Medieval looking objects for months. Wood and silver/gold objects appear old to me. I was so happy to find a wooden candelabra and wooden bowls and baskets. I bought the knight outfits from Dollar Tree. A white tablecloth for snow, Aslan sat in the back, and the lamp post made up our Narnia in the kitchen.


  • Food was easy. I broiled turkey legs in a honey glaze. Then we had cheese, grapes, and summer sausage. For dessert, we had British cookies. I really like the Chess piece cookies.


Aslan and the lamp post


Michael feasting!


  • I brought our small projector screen into the kitchen so we could watch The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 


Tessa was a bit intimidated by Aslan.


I brought out toys I made years ago for our big Narnia Marathon. You can find that link here:

A Complete Chronicles of Narnia Marathon Party


Leeland defeating the evil octopus!


For Aslan and for Narnia!


  • Snowflake lions found here.



I pray you are inspired. Please leave me some comment love if you use these ideas. I love to hear from y’all! I hope to have several more Medieval themed posts this year.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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