Darkness Before Dawn: Prophecy Update

Hello, Dear Ones! We live in amazing times. Prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes. The news reads like it is coming straight from the Bible. We see the Ezekiel 38 alliance and the destruction of Damascus on the rise (Isaiah 17). As the US moves it’s embassy to Jerusalem we see Jerusalem becoming a burden to the nations…all leading up to Zechariah 12. Wow! What does this mean for Followers of Jesus? Look up! Our redemption draws near.

Christ is coming soon for His Bride. The stage is set for the Tribulation. All it will take is a blink and we¬†are over the edge. It’s so close you can smell it. Do not fear Christian. The time of Jacob’s trouble isn’t for us….likewise, God’s wrath is not for us. We have a wedding to prepare for. Share the Gospel. The time is short. Enjoy these vids. God bless & remember the High King Lives! ~Amber Dover


JD Farag- Ezekiel 38, Isaiah 17, & Zechariah 12

Amir Tsarfati- Middle East Update: Syria strike

Jan Markell- 15 signs the Rapture is imminent.

News Headlines- 4/10/18

News Headlines- 4/6/18

All Prophecy Updates:


PS: I haven’t forgotten you. Thank you for your patience. Please keep my family in your prayers. A lot is going on. Love to you all!

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