Granite Flats Finale Party

In this post: Our mysterious Granite Flats Party with food and lots of fun! Plus a bonus party for Stargate Atlantis.

Hello, dear ones! Several months ago Michael and I had a mystery party to celebrate the end of our favorite Netflix binge, “Granite Flats”.

IMDB synopsis says, “When a mysterious object falls from the sky and an Army base explodes, three young amateur sleuths try to unveil the secrets of the small town.”


So we’re talking Russian spies, mind control, and all the fun that comes with a small town in the 1960’s. Granite Flats is very family friendly, though many of the themes would go over an elementary kid’s head and there is a bit of violence. I think it’s great for Middle School and up.

So I decided to make our finale party look like we’re on a case.

  • Food: Chocolate cake with a small candelabra for effect. chips, and dip.



  • Set: Typewriter, evidence board, candles, a black tablecloth, and several games and mystery props.


I made the evidence board with a city map on a posterboard, character pics, and red yarn.


  • Games: Guess Who using Granite Flats characters, the Chrono Bomb game, classified material for review, and Nerf guns for fun.


Guess Who Granite Flats Style- I used the character profiles from to create cards.




  • Classified Documents- I took two poems from the series and printed them backwards so they’d have to be read with a mirror. I put them in manilla envelopes and wrote: “top secret” in a red pen.


The poems are Jabberwocky and a poem by Walt Whitman.


Inside a file folder, I put real information about MK Ultra  (Mind Control experiments done during the Cold War). MK Ultra plays a big part in the series and it’s an interesting part of our history.


Then we played Chrono Bomb. While one of us tried to get through the obstacle course, the other would shoot at us with the Nerf gun. Chrono Bomb is such a fun game. You have a minute or so to get under the rope and turn off the “bomb” The strings are sensitive to touch and take away time if you touch them.



We wore fake mustaches and special hats to look like G-men.


Lastly, a perfect game if you have time is Escape Room: the Game. We didn’t get to it this time but since then we’ve played it a lot and love it! Basically, you have an hour to solve the mystery and put in the codes to turn off the clock (bomb etc).


Stargate Atlantis- So I wanted to throw in this bonus party. It was much smaller but still fun.

Here’s Michael as Ronon.

IMG_7236 I

I found this Star Wars ship at Goodwill. It’s missing its wings but now it looks like a wraith ship. I blacked out the windows. Michael made a Lego ship. I printed out a pic of the main characters. Then I printed the Atlantis ship and put it on our blue cake to look like it’s on water. So yes…there wasn’t much to this. Simple can be fun too and it’s not hard to add a little magic at the last minute.




Thank you for your support over the years and I hope you are inspired to make your own magic. God bless and remember the High King lives!- Amber Dover

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