“I Love Lucy” Date Night

In this post: Do you pop out at parties? Then you need to try my I Love Lucy Date with printables! Satisfaction guaranteed (Certain restrictions apply). 

Hello, Dear Ones! Okay, I was being a bit silly. I am a huge fan of Lucille Ball. I grew up watching old shows on Nick at Nite. I Love Lucy was one of my favorites. Not to mention my nickname from my Mom was “Lucy”. One of the best episodes, in my opinion, is “Lucy Does a Commercial” where Lucy does a commercial for Vitameatavegimen (a very nasty and alcoholic supplement)! The mess she gets into is hilarious! See for yourself…

So last year I really wanted to branch out with our date nights…make them unique. I’ve gone to the classics, as you saw in my Pride and Prejudice Date (which will be reblogged as soon as I can) and the Lady and the Tramp inspired date (another lost post I plan on redoing). I wanted to keep our Lucy date simple and goofy.


It began with a cardboard TV cut out and the iconic Lucy heart but with a twist. I drew Chris and me as if we were Lucy and Ricky. An old heart-shaped candy box and red tissue paper did the trick!




I left an invite in Chris’ lunch that morning…




We had red velvet cupcakes and “Vitameatavegimen” (grape juice) to drink. You can find the label at the end of this post. If you have more time you may want to watch the Lucy episode where she works in a chocolate factory and try these yummy cake balls here.



Commercial Game

Instructions: Write silly commercial ideas on a slip of paper and each of you draw one. Then take turns trying to pitch them. Play as much as you like and make up your own silly ideas too. Printable at the end of this post…


Here are the silly products I suggest you try to pitch:

Lucille Ball Hair Tutorial Video

My hair wasn’t quite a success but I don’t feel it was a failure either ;).




*These printables are for personal use only. Do not give out copies. Please share the link to this blog instead.



Vitameatavegimen Bottle Label


Commercial Pitch Game


Enjoy! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Amber’s Date Nights


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These cookies just scream “Lucy”! 

Red Velvet Sugar Cookies


PS: Thank you for your patience as I fix old links and redo lost posts. I know it has been a painfully slow process. If only I had a secretary! Ha!

Here’s an old post that I’ve fixed, along with the free printable.

MockingJay Date Night


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