Jesus not Thanos (Avengers’ spoilers)

In this post: I review the latest Avenger’s movie and the scene that even secular sites are calling “rapture-like”1. Warning: There will be spoilers. Also, a prophecy update.

Hello, Dear Ones! So this post is a little odd but the ending of Avengers was really odd. If you haven’t seen it beware…there will be major spoilers. So my family and I are big Marvel fans. We’ve seen all the movies and even the cartoons. My youngest is obviously too young to watch but he still knows the Avengers’ names because of a t-shirt I have. He also had a Hulk doll, which ummm…disappeared. So often, Leeland will say he’s the hulk and act angry.

We, like so many fans, were super excited for Avengers: Infinity War. The movies have been building up to it for nearly ten years or so. I guarantee lots of people saw this movie and its influence is huge. I’m all for good fun, but the end of the movie disturbed me. The fact that so many young people saw the end of this movie disturbs me.

Okay, so when Thanos comes on the scene he assumes the role of a death god…trying to bring balance to the universe. He is pure evil and his mercy is not mercy at all. It didn’t take long for the movie to parallel Thanos to the Judeo-Christian God. Thanos calls himself “I Am”. This is the name the Hebrew God (my God) goes by in the story of Moses and Jesus identifies Himself as part of the God-head when he says “I AM” in the garden before His crucifixion. So I was pretty ticked that this evil Thanos would be compared at all to my loving God who chose to die for the WHOLE world. The character of Thanos wants to destroy all and would never sacrifice Himself to save anyone, especially those who hate him.  (Edit: This is my opinion from the latest movie. I haven’t read the comics. Thanks for the comment, though, Dear One.)

Yes, I know it’s a movie and fiction…but opinions are often formed by fiction. Media shapes us whether we think it does or not. We are willingly brainwashed daily…. every time we stare at a screen, hear a song, or look at a book. Well, I chose to not think too hard about Thanos’ being compared to GOD and I got back to watching the movie. After all, the Avengers have a lot of crazy spiritual stuff (Hello, Dr. Strange!). I’m not sure how much of it people pick up on. The attack on Jesus is subtle. But then the end of the movie happened…and I was floored.

Thanos wins. He gets the 6 infinity stones (Rabbit Trail: 6 the number of man) and with one snap of his fingers half the world’s population flakes away and disappears in a horrible way. Planes fall out of the sky and cars crash. It felt like I was seeing a messed up version of Left Behind. SpiderMan cries as his body starts to flake away. It was traumatic. The first thing I thought was, “Oh no they didn’t! They did not just take a hit on the rapture!”

Thankfully the rapture will be a happy event for all who experience it (me included unless I die first…really hoping to be raptured instead). It will happen so fast and it won’t look like our bodies are disintegrating. Christians will happily meet Jesus in the air and be given new bodies in the twinkling of an eye. Our God will be saving us from the wrath to come…not taking His wrath out on us. The world will experience crazy things during the Tribulation that follows, but God has been warning the world about this for thousands of years. Sadly, Satan has done everything he can to blind the world to the truth. Avengers reminded me of how brainwashed people will be. They will believe lies like “aliens did it” or “it was some new weapon”. The good news is that everyone who wants to be raptured can if they believe in Jesus. There is no reason to be left behind but unbelief. God is merciful and He wants everyone to be saved. He won’t force you though. If you’d rather have a world without God, well, that’s coming…stay behind. It’s not worth holding on to. 

Okay, back to the movie. Maybe you’re thinking, “Amber, you’re taking this too far. It’s just a coincidence.” Well, now I point you to several secular entertainment and news sites that also saw the “rapture” connection in Avengers. I have no doubt that when the rapture happens, this movie scene will pop up in everyone’s mind. Anyways, read how the likes of USA Today and even Forbes describe the Avengers last scene.

” a Rapture-like event that turns half of the galaxy’s population into dust. “1

“a side order of the Rapture“2

“half the universe appears to perish in clouds of ash like some twisted, somber rapture.” 3

“Which other superheroes were raptured?” 4

“… Thanos pretty much instigated the rapture. That means cars crashing and planes dropping out of the sky. The sheer amount of destruction, both physical and emotional, that would happen after half a population disappears is incalculable…” 5


Yes, Forbes…it will be “incalculable”. There’s a good reason the Rapture is called the Blessed Hope for believers. The world is going to be one crazy mess when we leave…even worse than before. We’re leaving just in time. You see, we’ve been in the way…in the way of the New World Order…in the way of complete immorality. The Church has held back the worst of the worst. Soon the light of Christ (which is us, the Church) will be taken out of this world and the darkness WILL be “incalculable”. The devastation of the Rapture is just the beginning…7 years of Tribulation come as soon as the Antichrist signs the peace treaty with Israel.

Christians don’t want to experience the Tribulation. No matter what you believe (pre-trib, post-trib, pre-wrath etc), be honest…you don’t really want to be here when everything goes down. Most who get saved during the Tribulation will be martyred…if they’re not killed in an apocalyptic event…earthquakes, plagues, and the such. The Antichrist will hunt down Tribulation Saints. People will starve if they don’t take his mark (the mark of the beast).

My point is….the Rapture IS merciful. Do not fear for those raptured. We will be happy. Fear for yourself if you are left behind (and I pray you’re not). The Rapture won’t look anything like the Avengers’ rapture (except maybe in the devastation after), and Jesus is nothing like Thanos. Those who are raptured are the beloved of Jesus, all who have believed in Him and called on His name. You can be among Jesus’ beloved, the Bride of Christ. 

There’s lots of good news for Raptured Saints…not only will we be given these super cool new bodies. We will enjoy the beautiful home Jesus went to prepare for us and enjoy the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. When the Tribulation comes to a close, we will return to earth with Jesus, as He defeats the AntiChrist. This is the Day of the Lord. Then there will be good news for all. The earth will be renewed and Satan will be bound. The Church will reign with Jesus in His millennial kingdom. Lastly, after the last Armageddon at the end of the millennium, Satan will be cast away forever and Jesus will make a new Heaven and Earth. There will be a New Jerusalem, and God will dwell with man for eternity. Death and pain will be gone forever. It will be paradise restored. 

Does this sound too good to be true or too crazy? I understand. Biblical prophecy sounds wild at times, but the truth of God’s Word and Revelation is clear when you see these things being fulfilled in the news every day. Check out the videos and headlines I’ve been keeping track of in my prophecy updates. Those headlines are real and what Jesus said would happen IS happening. Almost every day I hear something that makes me think I’m living in a sci-fi movie. Everyday events are beyond what I could’ve imagined ten years ago…even five years ago. 

I’d much rather follow the Truth, no matter how hard it is than follow a comfortable lie.

I know my beliefs are unpopular and sadly, even among Christian circles, it has become taboo to talk about end times. A few wolves have tainted Rapture talk by setting dates. We were never told to set dates. We can see things being set up but we have no way of knowing the hour Jesus will return. It could be any minute. It could be a year. Christians should not be scared of the end of the world (as we know it). We should be excited that Jesus is about to fix this cursed place and that includes us. 

The book of Revelation says, “Blessed is he that reads and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” (Rev 1:3).

If the time was at hand 2,000 years ago, then how much closer are we to the end now? Already this generation has seen end time prophecy being fulfilled. Israel is in her land and prospering. Jerusalem has become a burden and focal point of the world. Iran, Turkey, and Russia ally themselves. We see the birth pains Jesus spoke of…wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, and famines…” just the beginning of sorrows”. It’s not global warming…the earth is groaning because it is full of sin. It’s cursed and only Jesus can redeem it. As nice as recycling is, it won’t save the earth from destruction.

Back to birth pains…I’ve had two babies and my last one was without pain medication. I remember full well what birth pains feel like. All you mamas know that once contractions start the baby is coming. It may take longer than you think, but before long you will have a baby. The baby isn’t going to say, “Hold on! Put on the brakes! I’m going back into the womb for another 40 years and then I’ll come out.” Nope, birth pains mean the birth is getting closer and closer. Just because you have a few false starts does not mean the birth isn’t going to happen.

Please remember this, Dear Ones, Jesus is coming soon and every day moves us closer to the rapture. Just because He hasn’t come on the hour we want, doesn’t mean the prophetic wheels have stopped. The birth pains began a long time ago and they haven’t stopped. Any Mom knows that once the contractions get closer together, the Birth is closer. Dear Ones, the birth pains are increasing on this earth…that means things are going down soon. There is no pause button and we can’t go back. We have to be ready for Jesus. We can’t stop looking for His return.

Matthew 25:13 “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man comes.” 

Jesus tells us to watch and be ready for HIm. We are to say as John says, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus” (Rev. 22:20).

Satan is conditioning the world to believe all sorts of lies. He works behind the scenes and he roams about like an evil lion. It isn’t surprising that he would use movies to push his agenda. He knows what the world is watching. I’m not sure Marvel or any of the producers have a clue they are being used this way. They may or they may not. Our fight is against spiritual powers…not other humans. All we can do is pray for those influenced by evil. This movie may be used for good if we take the opportunity to share the Truth about the Rapture, about Jesus’ return. 

As I end, here is a great video from Brother JD Farag. It is a reminder that major events are happening almost every day. Biblical scenarios are being set up. It wouldn’t take but a twinkling of an eye to set this thing off. Look up, Beloved, our redemption draws near!

God bless and remember the High King lives! And He’s coming back soon!

-Amber Dover



4 comments on “Jesus not Thanos (Avengers’ spoilers)

  1. ” The character of Thanos wants to destroy all and would never sacrifice Himself to save anyone, especially those who hate him. ”

    You’re wrong about that. Thanos sacrificed himself so that everything in existence could be reborn. Source: Marvel The End


    1. Hello Denizen and thank you for your comment. I’m mainly going off the movie. I haven’t read the comics. I still believe Thanos’ reasoning in the latest movie, isn’t to sacrifice lovingly for the world but rather it’s like how Hitler and other crazy dictators think they are doing the world a service by genocide. There’s definitely spiritual elements and parallels in the movie. As I said, I know very little about the comics…I appreciate your input though and have a blessed day! -Amber D.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write all this down. I enjoyed reading it and you state a lot of good points. It’s actually funny… I was thinking about the Rapture today and Thanos and wondered if we were all gonna disintegrate, because if that ever happens to me I wanted to post a meme of myself before I go. XD I’m glad it’s not going to be traumatic though!

    On the bright side, there is hope for a happy ending in Avengers: Endgame! Although I’m pretty certain Tony Stark is gonna die.

    1. Lol Fred! Thank you for commenting. I apologize for taking so long to respond. I’ve been on a blog vacation…for too long. Yes, I was very sad when Tony died, but I think the last movie wrapped things up well. Yeah, I’m glad the rapture will happen fast. God bless! ~Amber D.

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