Welcome to the Jungle: Jumanji Date Night

In this post: A wild jungle themed movie party for the new Jumanji! It’s great for two or for the family. Food and games that go with the movie!

Hello, Dear Ones! I hope you are well. It’s been some craziness around our household but with a lot of prayer and grace, we manage. You know I’m crazy for movie parties, even if they are just for my guys. I decided to throw together a jungle themed date night for me and the hubby. The hubs wasn’t feeling the greatest so our date turned into a family event, as Michael tagged along. Leeland was too young to see Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, but he did have some jungle fun of his own. We were already learning about jungle animals. Anywho, this is how we partied…

Jumanji Date Night

The Set- Plastic cloths, crepe paper streamers, and fake vines made our jungle.


We pumped up our pool and filled it with blankets and pillows. I used pool noodles to make “bamboo”. I bought zebra striped helium balloons. 


I used poster board for the jeep and pictures of my family. It says, “Welcome to the Jungle”.


I bought most of the decor at Dollar Tree.





The Food

  • Hippo Legs– Broiled Turkey Legs
  • Zebras– fudge striped shortbread
  • Coconut Bar Cookies
  • Chips and Dip
  • Animal Crackers
  • Taste of the Jungle– a tropical drink using orange pineapple juice and Sprite. This is a twist on my drink “Taste of Belize”.





The Fun- We, of course, watched the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. I put together several Jungle Challenges that we did during movie breaks.


  • Choose your Player- Printable Jumanji Name Tags from here.

We each chose our players without looking. Then after the characters in the movie found out what player they were…we each revealed who we were. It was good fun :).


  • Pin the Tail on the Lion


  • Angry Hippos- Instead of being hungry, these hippos are angry. We played this after a certain disturbing scene. Thankfully it had a good ending. Yeah, the movie is definitely for teens and adults…not littles.


  • Snake Eyes (Staring Contest) and…

We did this during the snake scene.

  • Can You Take the Heat? (Hot Tamale Candy Challenge)- We each tried tropical heat Hot Tamales candy. I’ll admit…my eyes may have watered a bit. The challenge was to see who could eat the candy without making a face.


  • Zoology Expert Challenge- I put several toy animals (some squishy) inside an animal cracker box with fake grass. We had to be zoologists and guess what animal we felt in the box.



  • Jungle Survival Challenge- This was a “Nerf” gun challenge. I accidentally got the wrong guns, but this would’ve been fun. Another idea is to visit a laser tag place.


  • Jungle Flight- My husband has a flying game where you can “fly” all over the world. The graphics aren’t great but you can still see the geography of the different countries. We “flew” over Hawaii where the movie was filmed.



  • Jungle Race- We had a race using toy cars.


  • Leeland’s Jungle Fun- I kept some of the decor up so Leeland could pretend he was in a jungle.


I hope you are inspired. One last word on the movie: There are a couple scenes we sped through because they were inappropriate. I would watch the movie first before letting your older kids see it. There are just some off-color moments. Overall, the movie was funny and did well as a sequel to a movie that came out when I was a kid. They did a good job transforming Jumanji from a board game into a video game. It was neat to watch and true to the original.

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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