The Best of Summers Past

In this post: The best of Summers past! Camp Disney, Pixar camp, Fourth of July crafts, family Olympics, bucket lists, beach fun, & goodies! 

Hello, Dear Ones! I hope you are well. I know I’ve been catching up on my 5th-grade posts, but I haven’t forgotten the season. While we are working on our current Summer bucket list, here’s the best of Summers past.  I’ll admit I got a bit choked up looking at the memories and seeing my boys grow up. I fixed links and pictures. It took quite awhile but I’m glad everything is ship shape. There are some gems for sure. There’s no reason to be bored this Summer! Enjoy!


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

  • Pixar Camp (2017)- Crafts, treats, & games to go with nine Pixar films! There’s enough fun for all Summer long!

Pixar Camp

  • Camp Disney- Nine weeks of Disney fun, food, and crafts! This can be a camp or a countdown to a Disney trip.


  • Frozen Family Night- A lovely night on the ice! Perfect for a hot Summer day or night.

Fam Night

Frozen Family Night

  • Summer 2015 Part 1- Fireflies, dandelions, and the ocean! Fun only found in the Summer.

SummerCrafts 2015P1

Summer Crafts 2015 Part 1

  • Independence Day at Nana’s- Fun, food, and crafts at Nana’s for the Fourth of July!


Independence Day at Nana’s


  • Summer Crafts 2015 Part 2- Ocean crafts and a shell study!


Summer Crafts 2015 Part 2

  • Ninety-two Summer Activities (from our 2014 Summer Bucket List)- Tons of fun ideas for your own bucket list! Shadow tracing, fun with glow sticks, chalk art, and cardboard sledding among other great fun!

NinetyTwoSummerActivities 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014~ Ninety-two Summer Activities

  • Fourth of July Crafts and Our Second Family Olympics (2015)- A family gathering worth remembering!


Fourth of July Crafts and Our Second Family Olympics 2015


  • Independence Day Crafts (2012)- Fun and easy crafts for the Fourth.


Crafty Monday: Independence Day crafts (the 4th of July)

  • Ocean Studies- Summertime is the best time to learn about life in the ocean…with food and crafts too!


  • Amber’s Taste of Belize- A fruity drink I made to remember Belize…pair it with an outdoor movie for the perfect Summer night!


Amber’s Taste of Belize & Outdoor Movies

  • 2012 Summer Bucket List– You’ll find a neat peg doll workshop and lava in the living room!


My Family Rocks! Sunday: Summer Bucket List


  • Beach Art & Fun- Three awesome beach crafts and your guide for fun at St. Augustine and St. Simon’s!


Life with Baby: Beach Art, St. Augustine, & St. Simon’s Island

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