Cookie Monster Challenge

In this post: Join us for our own Nail It, Fail It challenge, Cookie Monster cakes.

Hello, Dear Ones! I don’t know about you, but I’ve really enjoyed all the cooking contests on Netflix. I can’t just watch a show. I have to challenge myself. Baking contest? Yes, I must bake! A design contest? Yes, I painted the bathroom. So this following post is the first of my self-made challenges and it began after my family and I watched Nailed It.

Nailed It is a baking contest for amateurs…you could even say the worst bakers. Not only do these people have to compete, they have to bake masterpieces within a short period of time. Even experienced bakers would struggle. So of course, hilarity ensues. Most of the Nailed It challenges become Failed Its.

So my family and I looked at a few Pinterest challenges (that usually become fails) and we chose Cookie Monster cupcakes for the guys and a Cookie Jar cake for me. I’m the more experienced baker so I felt it only fair that my challenge be harder.


Now, I am a creative person with most things…but in the past, my cakes have tasted great but looked horrible. If you are a regular follower then you may remember some of these fails. I hoped to pass this test.

So…our adventure began and we set a time limit. Michael and I made cake batter from a box (Hey, box cakes are yummy!).


Yummy yummy chocolate! Chris and Michael baked their cupcakes and I baked three layers for my cookie jar cake.


So Chris and Michael decorated their cupcakes. They are supposed to be cookie monster eating a cookie.



Here’s our inspiration. We used blue frosting and candy eyes from the baking section.


Chris’ cupcakes


Michael’s cupcakes


I don’t know who won but they both tasted yummy. The one thing I did point out is the lack of texture to Cookie Monster’s fur. Chris’ monster looked like he had slicked his fur for a hot date. I’m not sure what Michael’s monster was doing…his face was melting or something. They did great for beginner bakers.

So on to my challengea cookie jar cake with Cookie Monster popping out of it. I was inspired by these posts here and here. This challenge went smoother than I thought it would. I guess because I was focused completely on the cake. Usually, when I bake I’m distracted by all the other to do’s I have as a host. I kind of rush through my cakes. Not this time…I was baking for the love of baking. So here are the steps I took.

  • 1. While the cakes baked, I mixed this awesome Rice Krispy mixture from here. It forms the body of Cookie Monster.


  • 2. After forming Cookie Monster’s upper body and head, I covered him with blue fondant (that I bought). Then I added candy eyes.


  • 3. I piped on blue fur with icing. I tried to make his fur look shaggy.


  • 4. I stuck half a cookie in Cookie Monster’s mouth.


  • 5. Then I stuck the cake layers together with chocolate frosting.


  • 6. I put dowels in the layers to stabilize the cake.


  • 7. Then I cut off a small part off the top cake in the middle. This is where Cookie Monster goes to look like he’s popping out of the cake.
  • 8. Next, I covered the outside of the cake and some of the top layer with vanilla frosting. Fondant may look nicer but I can’t stand the taste.


  • 9. I carefully sat Cookie Monster into the “cookie jar” and placed cookies around him.


  • 10. Then I cut letters and dots out of red and blue fondant. I stuck the word “cookies” on the front of the “jar”.


Ta da! My happy Cookie Monster cake! It isn’t super professional but it was yummy and I’m proud of my work.


Leeland loves Cookie Monster. All of my guys (especially the Hubby) can do amazing Cookie Monster impressions! Chris can make any blanket into a puppet and Leeland goes crazy for it!


The Cookie Jar Cookie Monster surrounded by his family…the little cupcakes.


I had a bit of cake left over and I hate to waste, so I rolled it into cake balls and dipped them into blue candy wafers that were melted. I then added candy eyes. These mini Cookie Monsters are definitely not perfect but they taste delicious.


Cookie Monster took over our kitchen! He’s multiplying! Ha!



Cookie Monster wrapped for the night. Those are marshmallows on dowels, a trick I learned a long time ago.


It was so hard to cut into this cake. I didn’t want to eat it, but we did. We didn’t eat the Rice Krispy Cookie Monster. I think Michael tried but the fondant wasn’t good an everything else was too sweet. So the topper is just for show. I will miss Cookie Monster :'( .


Well, I hope you are inspired. Have you ever challenged yourself in the kitchen? I’d love to hear about your experiences or even have a link to your blog post in the comments!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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2 comments on “Cookie Monster Challenge

  1. What a fun idea! My kids like Nailed It,too (I’m more of a Great British Bake-Off person 😆). I think we are going to try these cupcakes in the next couple of weeks. Your Cookie Monster is great!

    1. Awesome Angela! I’d love to see a pic when y’all do :). I like British Bake Off too. All I want to do is cook or bake when I watch these shows lol :D. Thank you so much for the compliment! God bless!

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