Back 2 School Pizza Party: 6th Grade & Tot School

In this post: 2016 Back 2 School pictures, a fun pizza party with crafts and games. Also, our 6th-grade curriculum.

Hello, Dear Ones! I hope you are well. Happy Sukkot! We just got back from a fun time camping. Sadly, we haven’t spent much time under our sukkah because of the rain. You can check out previous Sukkots at the above link.


So this is the first of three Back to School parties I plan on posting. Michael is now in 8th grade, so this party is actually from a couple of years ago when he was starting Middle School. Still my heart! I can’t believe Michael’s going to 9th grade next year and Leeland to Pre-K! They were so small in these pictures. Leeland was only one and a half! I used the words “Tot School” very loosely. We begin with Michael’s Elementary graduation...I feel weepy!

  • End of the Year Party for 5th Grade- You can find all 5th Grade posts here.



6th Grade Back 2 School Pizza Party- It’s funny because Michael is wearing the same shirt he wore at the end of 5th grade. Lots of time has passed though! You can tell in his face. Awwl….


  • The Yummy Invite– The point of our Back 2 School parties is to give grandparents and my hubby a taste of the coming year. The kids also get a sneak peek. This was not my original artwork. I just wrote the subjects on the pizza slice. Invite link below.


  • The Set- This was our first Back 2 School Party in the Schoolhouse. I used tinfoil and paper to make a big pizza. I have a pizza banner and a Pizza chef. I found my invites and several printables here.




  • The Agenda


  • Pizzeria Play Center- I used vegetable calendar pages to decorate the project board wall.


Leeland’s Tot Pizza shop had samples of tot school ideas on the wall. We have felt dough and pizza toppings, along with felt (and yarn) pasta.


A small shelf became a pizza oven with just tinfoil and brick paper.


  • Michael’s Middle School Pizza Sampler- I made pizza out of paper bags and construction paper. I stapled samples from 6th-grade subjects onto each slice.



Nana sampling 6th Grade…



I got the idea for personality pizzahere. Basically, the toppings represent elements of one’s personality. I chose to focus on who I am in Christ. I think Michael’s had his hobbies & favorites.


Michael with Nana & Grandad. Grandad’s personality pizza definitely had his personality :).


  • Back 2 School Pictures

Michael- 6th Grade (10 years old)



Amber- The teacher (age not mentioned…)


Leeland- Tot School ( One and a half yrs)


  • Food- Pizza of course! We ordered from Pizza Hut and I made a pizza brownie for dessert (one half topped with fruit and cream cheese).  Michael made a Lego Pizza for decoration.



  • Fun & Games!

Leeland loved his pizzeria. He looked adorable in his chef hat! He was on the move so it was hard to get a clear picture.


We watched this video on the history of pizza, while we ate.

  • Human Pizza Game– I love this game! We used a red tablecloth for sauce, yellow confetti for cheese, and red plates for pepperoni. Basically, it is a race to make the best human pizza. One person is the chef and the other the pizza.



Everyone had a lot of fun!


If you use any of these ideas I’d love to hear about it or get a link in the comments. Now…on to the curriculum.

6th Grade Curriculum

MathMath U See Zeta: Initially we loved the idea but because we started this in Middle School, we didn’t use the manipulatives much. The videos bored Michael. We ended the year using Horizons Math (what we had before). We’ve had a hard time finding the perfect math. We also used a bit of Khan Academy    and Xtra Math.


  • Prayer Journal & Bible Study- I used several Bible printables I found online. I put together prayer journal ideas that went with our Bible Study.


We focused on the attributes of God this year and used the Discover God 4 Kids website. There are stories, memory verses, craft/recipe ideas, and family activities.



I taught Michael the difference between eisegesis and exegesis and what I call the “Common Sense Method” to reading the Bible (context, culture, & common sense). I also taught him the S.O.A.P. method of reading the Word (Scripture, observation, application, & prayer).


Our Tot School Ideas

Toddler Life Posts 

I pray you’ve been inspired! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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