Dealing with Depression & Suicidal Thoughts

Hello, Dear Ones! So this is a hard topic but I want to briefly address it and share several encouraging vids. I know it can be especially difficult during the holidays if you have suffered a loss, like we have. Christmas should be a joyful time but it can be a time of intense grief as well. This will be our first Christmas without my Grandma and my Granny. Also, we lost our unborn baby girl, Hannah. It’s been hard. I cry out to God to lift up my head. Hence the collection of sermons below.

Maybe you are going through something similar? Let us lift up our heads together, Dear One! Whatever ails you this holiday, remember that God has a plan and purpose for your life. You may not be able to see what good will come out of your current trials but trust me…our pain is never wasted. Just as a seed must die for a flower to grow, our lives are filled with challenges that feel like death but really they are growing character in us. It is difficult to have this perspective on earth, but in Heaven, it will all be clear.


I’d like to write a long and personal post about my own experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts. There just isn’t time right now. Maybe I will do this in a future post. Just trust me when I say, I get it. I’ve lost loved ones to suicide and have almost lost someone dear to me because of an attempt. I have heard the Satanic whispers of the suicide demon myself and I have had moments where I thought for sure I’d drown in my despair. God has lifted me out of some deep pits. Life can really be hard…especially when a spirit of death looms over you like a vulture. Jesus is stronger. Praise Him!

I pray you are blessed by these vids. I really love this first one by JD Farag’s stand in Pastor. It approaches the subject in a way I rarely hear in churches. So often Pastors preach shame over depression instead of solutions. God has answers and it was so good to hear them in this message!

Pastor Jack Hibbs has been such an encouragement to me. His sermons are like spiritual steak and potatoes. Here are a few vids from him.

My Dad and I used to listen to Dr. Tony Evans every night on the radio. I still enjoy his sermons and I’ve enjoyed learning about his daughters Priscilla Shirer and Chrystal Hurst. They have some great books :).

I rarely listen to Joyce Meyer since leaving the Charismatic movement (for several reasons), but I truly enjoyed this message and the testimony of the family. I cried. This was not a name-it-claim-it message. It’s very Biblically grounded and encouraging.

May God bless you in all you do! Please choose life and seek God in your trials. Don’t wall yourself off. I’m preaching to the choir. I know how easy it is to withdraw when in pain. Jesus loves you and He will send people to encourage you if you open yourself to Him. Cry out to God and He will comfort you.

God bless & remember the High King lives! -Amber Dover

PS: Have you ever dealt with depression? If so what helped/helps you? Please leave me some comment love and I’m always here to pray for you!

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