Laugh Yourself Silly: Groot, the Grinch, & Tim Hawkins Special

In this post: Hilarious comedy from Tim Hawkins (only thru December!), HISHE, John Crist, Film Theory, and the Carlton Dance!

Hello, Dear Ones! I have not forgotten you. We’ve had quite a rough season since Chris’ surgery. We lost our unborn baby, Hannah. I’m working on a post about that, but until then I wanted to send you a bit of cheer. I haven’t done a Laugh Yourself Silly post in a while. Laughter really is healing for the soul. I don’t know what you are going through this Christmas, but I pray you have joy. So Dear One, toss away those cares and laugh yourself silly!

Laugh Yourself Silly

Because this really makes me smile I have to begin with this short clip of the Carlton Dance :). Any Fresh Prince fans out there?

Tim Hawkins Special available until the end of December…I nearly choke laughing every time I watch him. I can never keep a straight face! This is a long vid but so worth it and the whole family can enjoy it!

Virtual Reality Church: John Crist- I love his sattire. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself and I’m glad John Crist gets fellow Christians to do just that. Plus, we are left with a nugget of wisdom as we examine our ways a bit.

HISHE: How the Avenger’s Endgame Trailer should Have Ended- So though I had a bit of criticism for Avengers 3, I am still a huge fan of the MCU. I’m also a big fan of HISHE. I really enjoy their Super Cafe episodes. So these next two vids are “super” fun ;).

Super Cafe: Nostalgia Detective

Tim Hawkins: Christmas Montage- Because you can never get enough Tim Hawkins comedy…and it’s Christmas soon.

Offbeat Humor: I’ve recently started enjoying Film Theory and other offbeat comedy/ film critics. I like to make fun of movies…so what can I say? So this is my quirky/darker humor side. Maybe some of you have this too?

Mat Pat (Film Theory guy) is working on a series about Disney’s death count. Yes, Mickey Mouse has apparently killed way too many characters in his supposedly family-friendly movies. Don’t send me hate mail. I love Disney. Anywho, Mat Pat is going through the movies and analyzing it all. So I’m looking forward to that…cause yeah…dark humor. Anywho, maybe those videos will be out within the next week. I love Disney…therefore I criticize it, right? So for now enjoy Groot and the Grinch.

Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot?

Film Theory: How Christmas Broke the Grinch

Well, Dear Ones, I pray you have a very Merry Christmas and maybe I can get it together and catch up on posts over our break. Please pray for us because we have had a full plate. I really push myself to smile these days. I hope you enjoyed these vids and please let me know in the comments which comedian/s you enjoyed the most.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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