Diversity: MLK Jr. Day 2019

Hello, Dear Ones! How are you? I hope you’re having a great 2019 so far! It’s very important for me to teach my kids to celebrate diversity. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the perfect time for that. Diversity goes beyond skin color or ethnicity. I hope the videos and crafts I share will encourage you to enjoy the differences of others.

Also, you may notice our new kitty, Snow, laying by Chester. They’ve had a lot to learn about getting along since she arrived for Christmas. They are a great reminder of the beauty of diversity in God’s creation.


MLK Jr. Video by Kid President– First, I taught the kids about Martin Luther King Jr. (my hero since childhood). I like how Kid President shares the story of MLK Jr.

Then we had fun with skin tone by using playdough to make people and foundation for a handprint craft.


Playdough People with different skin tones


Foundation fun for “All the Children of the World“. Also I turned the kids’ portraits into coloring sheets and I changed their hair and skin tones.


We watched several videos that showcased how people are different…some physical and others about the heart. Here are some examples.

The Beauty of Diversity by Photography– I love seeing people all over the world. We are an amazing rainbow. The kids enjoyed seeing the different faces and cultures represented.


Beautiful Experiment– Watch people react to being called “beautiful”. We all have the same basic need…to be loved.

Diversity Collage– We used different body parts (mainly the head and face) from magazines to make our diverse human.


These two I made on my own for the fun of it.


Chester and Snow enjoying each other’s company!


Racial Reconciliation and the Church– Tony Evans

Better Together!


Diversity Crafts that honor MLK Jr.


Reverse Assumptions– What assumptions do we make about people before we see them? This is a fascinating experiment! These vids are addictive!

Studies and vid from past MLK Jr. Days




God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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