Spaghetti Day: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

In this post: Spaghetti Day food & fun with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Also, a Lady and the Tramp themed spaghetti date night and a review of our first Crated With Love date box.

Hello, Dear Ones! I hope you are well. We like to celebrate random holidays during January…to ease the passing of the major holidays. One of these holidays is Spaghetti Day. Last year, I hosted a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs event with our homeschool group. We also had a Lady and the Tramp themed spaghetti date night. I will expound on that later.


This year we simply ate spaghetti and meatballs while watching the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie. We also read the book and had red velvet cupcakes.


The day came very close to Epiphany. So here’s a picture of Leeland decorating his king cake.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at our homeschool group


The year before I hosted at our group. I made this food-themed sensory pool for Leeland while I hosted. I used food pillows and squishees. I love collecting squishees. If you’ve never heard of them, squishees can be squished and then they rise after.


I read the book to the kiddos. I wore my newly dyed red hair in the meatball style (kind of like Sailor Moon). I thought it was fitting.


We then had a pie eating contest.


Then the children drew and created their own food machine.


If you’ve seen the movie, you know it explains the food weather phenomenon by the scientist Flynn creating a food machine that turns water into food.


The children used tin pans, hot glue, stickers, pom poms, and pipe cleaners to make their machines.


We had a small group that day.


I used cloud paper and I drew pictures of food to make my backdrop. Cloud paper is a great resource to keep on hand. I’ve used it for many events/crafts.


Leeland enjoying the sensory bin.


When we got home Leeland ate his pie in front of Annabelle.


She did eventually eat some off his fork. It was bound to happen…


Spaghetti Kisses Date Night- So this date is actually a reblog of a missing post from 2017. I planned several dates around movies or certain moments in movies. Our spaghetti kiss was inspired by the Disney classic, Lady and the Tramp.

Spaghetti Kisses

Not only did we have real kisses, we also shared candy Kisses.


I ordered the game Kisses 4 Us. It has cards with a variety kiss ideas.


Because of this date my Valentine’s card was Lady and the Tramp themed.

Spaghetti Kisses

Crated with Love Date Box Review– Two years ago we subscribed to a date box service called Crated with Love. We also subscribe to actual Date Box. I will talk about that one at another time. Anywho, our first box had to do with resolutions, bonding games, and hot cocoa. Before I share my review, I will say that Crated with Love is cheaper and goes deeper into relationship issues, while Date Box has nicer stuff and is more about fun.


Everything we needed was included in the box (except hot cocoa ingredients). We had to get those. Our first challenge was to make a cradle for eggs using twine and straws. We each made our own cradle.


Then we let our cradles take flight to test their durability. Chris and I definitely had two different ideas for cradles. Mine was messy but cozy. Chris’ was very geometrical. They both did well. There’s a lesson in that if you think hard about it ;).


We then wrote out our goals and future letters of encouragement for our spouse to read in 6 months. Our goal card was a magnet.


We were given a homemade cocoa recipe. I added crushed peppermint to mine. We enjoyed our date.


Well, I hope you’ve been inspired. God bless you and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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